Staged photography

Two projects that I realised together with Elisa Rivera.

Concept: Mathias Will, photography: Elisa Rivera.

"Answer to Manet" (2021)

Manet's "Le Déjeuner sur l'herbe" was realised in a new version by me near Frankfurt. The model that was portrayed in Manet's painting was dressed in a mid-19th century garnement.

The men, on the other hand, are quite lightly dressed.

Performers: Nina Niknafs, Olcayto Uslu, Mathias Will, Aleksandra Modic

Printed on Alu-Dibond  140×93 cm


Breton's Nadja in Berlin (2023)

Concept: Mathias Will, photography: Elisa Rivera.

Actress: Patricia Hector

"Twelve Seconds of everyday life in…"

Photographic series

Concept and photography: Mathias Will

Since 2007, I have been creating photo series in various cities – for this series I am particularly interested in street scenes and moments of everyday life.

Albania 2009

Marocco 2014

London 2015

Georgia 2019

Tunesia 2019

Romania 2021

Italy 2007 – today