CV Mathias Will

Artist based in Hamburg, Germany working mainly in the fields of film,
performance and graphics.

Cities and street life are inspirations of my work:
Interventions and disruptions of daily routine with performances by "The white man";
a difficult character.
Film with new perspectives and a non-narrative approach
Graphics that comment the ugliness and the gracefulness beauty of things

Selected exhibitions and published works:
1993 "OWO" a documentary essay – journey through Mongolia.
45min, 16 mm.
Festival for documentary film, Leipzig
1997 Feature Film: "Gesichte", 30 min 16 mm, screenplay and direction.

2000/01 Formation as Multimedia Designer at the School of Audio Engineering,
(SAE Institute)

2012 Contributions (graphics) to the journal "TheNewerYork", published
in Santa Monica (CA) and New York
2005 Performance at "Haus Jona" for the exhibition ("shelterless").
2011 Exhibition with the artist group "KIÖR" at Basel, Kaskadenkondensator
2012 Performance Installation: "White Cube" An exhibition due to be opened within an exhibition:
A performance in a traditional "white cube", where pictures are shown.
Reflection about traditional exhibition making and the relation between the artist and the audience.
"Fabrik der Künste", for an exhibition by the "Berufsverband bildender Künstler (BBK) Hamburg"

2013 june/ july "Le coeur a ses raisons que la raison n‘a pas" together with Robi Gottlieb and Iris Schieferstein at the "Galerie beim Engel", Invitation by the ministère de la culture luxembourg.

2015 March/ April two months period of residence in London:
Exhibition in London-East. Group Exhibition at Hoxton Arches. Opening: April, 25.
2015 June – August Group Exhibition Poetry in Visual at Aveiro, Portugal Museum City of Aveiro
2015 November Participation on MEM Bilbao, Festival Internacional de Arte Experimental,
Installation and Performance

2016 April-June Group Exhibition "DadaLives!" in Cincinatti, Ohio, USA,
A Centennial celebration of Dada.Paintings: Oil and paper on canvas:
"Blossom hunting in Switzerland",
2016 July/ August Group Exhibition in Ponte de Lima, Portugal "Re-cognition",
curated by Madina Zi, Universidade Fernando Pessoa
2016 July/ August: Group Exhibition in Hamburg, Kunsthaus Hamburg, "Danke, wir brauchen Nichts!" www.kunsthaushamburg.de

2016 September: Participation at "Bideodromo" Experimental film and video festival in Bilbao, Spain
with "Identity – Identität" 11 min, Experimental Film, from 2015|2016 London and Hamburg
2017|2018 "Lethes Art" Group Exhibitions in Ponte de Lima,
curated by Dr. Isabel Patim
2018 Exhibition in Frankfurt/Main, "Tropical Issues", organized by
"Café Azul" at the galery Schwalbe 54
2019 Group Exhibition in Porto/ Portugal in the Casa da Arquitectura,
Artistic views on the Bauhaus Movement.


2020 Group Exhibition in the Xpon-art gallery, Hamburg "Körpe(h)rlich"

2021 Received a grant from the VG-Bildkunst and "Beauftragte der Bundesregierung
für Kultur und Medien" for the development of the photography/ film project:
"A. Bretons Nadja in Berlin"

2023 Group Exhibition at Arecife, Lanzarote, Spain: "Metamorphosis"